Fun to build!

• Super lightweight
• Suitable for all plants
• Made in Holland


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Perfect gift

• Best gift for friends and family!
• Make everyone jealous

The tree house for your plants!

Every plant deserves a beautiful and fun to build Plant-house. 
Make your own or give it away as a unique gift.



Maybe you want to start small, or you're planning to building a true plantopia? The Crowsnest will do the job. Connect your existing Plant-house with a rope ladder or position it as a floating outlook for the best view of your living room. Suitable for small twigs through to big plant trunks.




This plant loving friend is an easy to build lightweight Hut that makes every plant a delight to own. This Hut makes a perfect gift for friends or family but is also nice as a first-build for your own indoor jungle. Suitable as standalone or for expanding your Plant-house metropolis. 




Ready for a challenge and a Plant-hut just isn't enough? Then the Plant-house is the one for you. Completely equipped with a watchtower, surrounding porch, and a large window. The ultimate elevated experience and a source of pride for every plant.




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