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Keep your plants hydrated with this real watering water tower. This can be of help for thirsty plants during a couple of days off. Set the tap to the desired dripping speed and give your plants the water they need.

All you need is a used soda bottle and a knife to start creating your awesome hydration station. The wood is pre cut and needs a sharp knife to pop the parts out of the balsa wood sheets, glue and water tap are included in the kit.
Stay hydrated!


Height: 16 cm
Width: 11 cm
Length: 9,5 cm


Product details:

4x Balsa wood sheets
6x Skewers
Building Plan (English)
Wood glue
Water tap



Difficulty ★★★
For this kit you need a sharp knife, (like a Scalpel or Stanley knife) a 5mm drill and a 0,5l soda bottle.

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