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Plant-caravan [Limited Edition!]

Plant-caravan [Limited Edition!]
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This fun to build Plant-caravan is your fantasy holiday right in your living room. Make a cozy camp in your plant soil or go as high as you can and mount it in any plant you want.

This dual use caravan can be equipped with the essential tree house options like a balcony and plant fastening system. But can be left clean and functional for use in a plant pot. Let’s go for a trip with this Amazing Plant-caravan!

- Detailed (English & German) building plan.



Width: 5,5 cm
Length: 9,5 cm
Height: 6 cm



Product details:

2x Balsa wood sheets
Building Plan (English)
Wood glue
Mounting ties



Difficulty ★★☆☆
The kit is all inclusive, the only thing you need is a sharp knife, like a Scalpel or Stanley knife and some adhesive tape.