Plant-Penthouse [Limited edition]

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Ever wondered how it feels to live like a secret agent? Well, this is your chance, get busy working on this miniature modernist hideout. Reach your levitated penthouse trough a glass elevator and make well considered choices about which art to put on your walls.


This modern penthouse is the perfect spot to organize your miniature cocktail party and show your friends your living room view. Lay down on the roof top sun beds and ask your butler to take the elevator with a fresh mojito.


Lenght: 13 cm
Width: 6,2 cm
Height: 7 cm

Product details:

3x Balsa wood sheets
1x Transparent sheet
Wood glue
Building plan (English)
Mounting ties
Small stick
Tread spindle


Difficulty ★★★☆☆
The kit is all inclusive, the only thing you need is a sharp knife, like a Scalpel or box cutter.