Extension Pack [Mystery misprints ]

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Are you ready to make some creations of your own? Want to grow a bit larger in you tree house village, then you need this extension pack! Modding your plant-house is awesome and we want to fuel your creativity with these recycled sheets of balsa wood. We think waste is old-fashioned and we want to supply you in making insane additions to your houses with these sheets that are misprinted, slightly broken or croocked, but still very usable for your imagination!

NOTE! You never know what's in there, we make a selection of 4/5 sheets that are fit to be used for a nice project.

Product details:

4/5x Balsa wood sheet
- Building plan tips and tricks
- Content of the pack may vary !


The kit contains only wood, you will need glue and a sharp knife, like a scalpel or a box cutter and creativity