The Miniature Treehouse For Your Plant


Maybe you want to start small, or are you looking to start building a true plantopia? The Crowsnest will do the job. Connect your existing Plant-house with a rope ladder or position it as a floating outlook for the best view of your living room. Suitable for small twigs through to big plant trunks.

€ 7,50



This plant loving friend is an easy to build lightweight Shed that makes almost every plant a delight to own. This shed makes a perfect gift for friends or family but is also nice as a first-build for your own indoor garden. Suitable as standalone or for expanding your plant-house metropolis. Including a ropeladder, rocking chair and paneldoor.

€ 15,95



Ready for a challenge and a Plant-hut just isn't enough? Then the Plant-house is the one for you. Completely equipped with a watchtower, surrounding porch, and a large window. The ultimate elevated experience and a source of pride for every plant.

€ 22,50